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<a href=”#”><strong>HCID Assessment PPE Course</strong></a>

HCID Assessment PPE Course

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to recognise, assess and care for patients with suspected HCID infection. The course is suitable for specialist healthcare workers in Infectious Disease units in NHS Hospitals

<a href=”#”><strong>HCID Assessment – Train the trainer course</strong></a>

HCID Assessment – Train the trainer course

This course will equip you with the skill and learning resources to provide quality HCID assessment PPE training in a local setting. The course is suitable for clinical educators in Emergency Departments, Infectious Disease and Intensive Care Units.

<a href=”#”><strong>Bespoke Courses</strong></a>

Bespoke Courses

We provide bespoke courses for NHS organisations, NGOs and industry. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Luke Hunt

HCID Simulation Fellow

Our intensive simulation courses are particularly suitable for specialist healthcare workers and clinical educators. We use a blended approach, with online learning followed by a full day of simulation. Our UV sim suite provides a rich learning experience and confidence in the PPE. Candidates will leave the course with insight and practical experience of managing HCID cases in a high-fidelity simulation environment