Diversity and Inclusion Policy

HCID-training UK recognises the value of having a diverse group of individuals in the team. We define diversity as visible and invisible differences between people, including age, sex, race, ethnic or national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, social class, language, religion, and family/marital status. We recognise these differences may be associated with differing learning needs, and differing ways of thinking, communicating, and working.

HCID-training UK is committed to developing courses, resources and partnerships which are accessible and appropriate to all in our society, and provide equal opportunity for learning.

Code of Conduct

We aim to make our events accessible to people with disabilities. This includes, holding courses in accessible premises, providing sign language interpreters when necessary and producing information in large print. People will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability and/or age.

At all times people’s feelings will be valued and respected.  Language  or   humour which may be deemed as offensive will not be used.

HCID-training UK will not tolerate unlawful or unjustifiable acts of discrimination under an circumstances. Any form of harassment where such discrimination or harassment occurs, action will be taken under the disciplinary procedure and may include dismissal for serious offences.

In keeping with HCID-training UK’s ethos and principles, it is expected that all officers, trustees, staff, instructors, funded researchers, partner organisations and other volunteers and consultants become familiar with the policy and ensure that their language, behaviour and practice are consistent with its requirements.

Dealing with complaints

We will take complaints of discrimination and harassment seriously. Complaints will be investigated thoroughly and provide opportunities for the person making the complaint to speak in a safe environment about their experience. HCID-training UK will decide the action to take based on the principle of ensuring the continued inclusion and safety of any member who has experienced discrimination or harassment.

How to raise a complaint

Please use the contact form. All complaints will be held in confidence. We also welcome constructive feedback.