HCID Train the trainer course

HCID Training UK’s two day train the trainer course is the perfect springboard to establish a HCID assessment PPE training program in a local hospital, based on evidence-based clinical guidelines. On this course, you will develop and refine skills in safe assessment and care for patients with suspected HCID infection, understand the educational theory underpinning HCID training and apply this to a small group training session.

Assessment PPE Course
HCID Train the Trainer Course

A 2-day course for educators who wish to establish a HCID assessment PPE training program in a local setting. Use this slider and the accordion below to learn more

Risk Assessment
Day 1

On day 1, you will complete the HCID Assessment PPE course, which includes high-fidelity simulation scenarios using ultraviolet markers.

Education Theory
Education Theory

Understand the educational theory and approaches which can be used to deliver educationally effective HCID assessment PPE training

PPE training
PPE training & debrief

Learn how to appraise HCID assessment PPE donning, use and doffing, including common errors, and provide effective feedback to learners

Course Delivery
Course delivery

Deliver a training course covering HCID recognition, assessment and PPE use to a group of learners, and receive feedback on this.


Leave with a package of resources to deliver a HCID training program locally, including posters, a course handbook, online learning modules. Receive support running your first local courses, and free annual updates.

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General information

The HCID train the trainer course was established in 2022 and has trained over 40 educators in the delivery of an educationally effective HCID assessment PPE training course.

The two-day course was developed using evidence-based UK guidelines. It targets key areas of HCID assessment and will help build the confidence and skill needed deliver an educationally effective HCID assessment PPE training program for healthcare workers in a local setting. By the end of the course, you will:

  1. Demonstrate competence in HCID assessment including enhanced infection control measures, PPE, clinical/nursing assessment and initial care
  2. Understand and apply educational theory related to HCID training in a simulated course
  3. ​Appraise and provide effective feedback on HCID assessment PPE donning, use and doffing technique,
  4. ​Deliver a HCID Assessment training course to learners using an evidence-based approach​
  5. ​Discuss how learning could be applied in a local setting
Who is the course for

The HCID train the trainer course is designed for healthcare professionals who are responsible for planning and delivering training to clinical staff members on assessment, enhanced infection control precautions and patient are as part of their clinical dutiess. This includes doctors, paramedics and nurses working in acute care areas (e.g. ID units, Infection Control, ED, ICU, HART teams)

All applicants must hold a professional healthcare qualification or be in training for a professional healthcare qualification.

Course structure and programme

Pre-course preparation:

Before the course, you will need to complete our online learning modules, which can be accessed via the resource centre section website. We recommend completing these within 2 weeks of the course.


On day 1, you will complete the HCID assessment PPE course. The morning of day 2 comprises a series of workshops and seminars where you will engage with, and apply, the educational theory underpinning HCID PPE training. On the afternoon of day 2, you will deliver a HCID assessment PPE training course to a group of learners and receive feedback on this.

Download the full programme

Assessment and Certification

On day 1, you will be expected to show competency in the core skills of the course, including HCID Assessment PPE, other enhanced infection control precautions and, if relevant for your job role, assessment and diagnosis of HCID suspect cases. At the end of day 1, theoretical knowledge will be formally tested with an MCQ paper, and practical components tested in a practical skill station. Day 2 is assessed formatively.

How to apply for this course

Courses often book quickly, so we would advise planning your attendance well in advance of when you wish to attend a course. Please follow the link below to view availability and book a course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the course cost?

The course is offered by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals on a not-for-profit basis. During 2023/4, the cost is £550 per person.

Is accommodation available locally?

There are several hotels in proximity to the simulation centre including a Best Western Pastures.

Are CPD points available for the course?

CPD points equivalent to 18 hours are available for the course. Please contact us if you have any further queries regarding CPD points.

Where is the course run from?

The course is run from the clinical simulation centre in Mexborough Hospital, near Doncaster. This is a 15-minute taxi ride from Doncaster train station, which is on the east cost mainline.

Montagu Clinical Simulation Centre
Montagu Hospital
Adwick Road
South Yorkshire
S64 0AZ
01709 649106

The HCID Train the Trainer Course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to deliver effective HCID assessment PPE training in your setting.

We offer a comprehensive support package to course alumni including ready-made training resources, support visits for your first courses and an annual update session.

Luke Hunt

HCID teaching fellow, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

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2023/4 dates available now

“It was a really useful experience working through in a logical manner with a buddy. I think within our team there are lessons we can build on our own processes”

ID Consultant, Leeds

ID Nurse, Manchester

“The online learning was informative and the simulation and practice was very worthwhile. All the resources were excellent”

ID SpR, Sheffield