Sheffield Internal HCID PPE training

This page can be used by STH staff to book a HCID training course.

New to high-consequence infectious diseases?

We recommend that all new staff members attend either the UV simulation course, or the first training course here. These courses cover how to spot, assess and provide safe care episodes for patients with suspected or confirmed HCID infection. Both are free for staff members working in the STH Infectious Disease unit and RHH intensive care unit. If you work elsewhere in the trust, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We recommend that all staff working in the infectious disease unit attend one of these courses on a 4-yearly cycle.

The first training course run from STH is a 4h course using a mixture of simulation exercises and interactive online learning. It is run from R floor, Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Need refresher training on HCID assessment PPE?

All staff who might need to care for a patient with suspected or confirmed HCID infection should undertake annual refresher training in HCID assessment PPE donning and doffing. The refresher training course takes 1-2 hoursand is run from a variety of locations at RHH.

More information

For more information, cancellations or to arrange a bespoke date, please contact Maria Rumbold at or 07852454430