About UV Simulation for HCID training

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UV Manikin
VIOLET: A science backed simulation manikin

Our course uses VIOLET, a manikin developed and refined by the HSE Science division to accurately simulate pathogen transmission via airborne and contact routes. It allows direct visualisation of contamination which facilitates effective teaching of contamination reduction behaviours.

HCID Course (FIS)
HCID Assessment PPE Course evaluation

UV simulation is one component of our HCID training course. We take an evidence-based approach to course design and teaching in order to provide an educationally effective, insightful experience for our learners.

Click here to learn more about the structure and educational impacts of the course.

Operation Gritrock

In 2014, the UK Defence Medical Services deployed a field hospital to provide care to healthcare workers as part of the Ebola Response in Sierra Leone.

The team used UV tracers to verify the effectiveness of the PPE and during training of deploying healthcare workers.

Unified PPE Ensemble
An unified HCID Assessment PPE ensemble for the NHS

In 2016, the HSE and the HCID Network used UV tracers to generate an evidence-based PPE ensemble for use in UK hospitals whilst assessing patients suspected to have HCID infection.

The resulting kit is recommended by the UK HCID Network and Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens for use in the NHS

UV Simulation & educational effectiveness of PPE training

Use of UV markers in simulation is a developing field. A preliminary study randomised nurses to a training course which used UV with one that did not. They found the UV training course attendees had superior infection control practice in the clinic 1 month later.

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